Refer a Friend for Woocommerce

Increase sales among your customer base by offering discounts for referring your friend or for spreading a word about your business.


Product Description

Customer Benefits:

1. Gets benefited through the reductions offered via discount coupons.
2. Makes him proud of being a loyal customer for your online store.
3. New customers referred through the program will receive discount coupons which they can redeem on the store.

Merchant Benefits:

Merchant Benefits:

1. Increasing sales by offering discounts to existing customers thereby making them to visit and make purchase repeatedly.
2. Expand your customer base by acquiring new customers through this referral program.

Installation Procedure:

Generic Installation process for installing plugins in wordpress
1. Create a Cart rule with appropriate conditions and copy the coupon code.
2. Enter the coupon code into backend configuration page of this plugin.
3. The coupon code thus entered will appear in a popup window that prompts when a user lands on the order confirmation page after doing a successful transaction.
4. Specify the minimum no. of email addresses required for offering a discount coupon to the referrer.


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