Sale Notifier for Woocommerce

Sale Notifier reveals all discounts that are being offered through the store. Be it a discount on Catalog (products / Categories) or for a Shopping Cart.

Product Description

Customer Benefits:

  1. Gets notified on all discounts that are being offered through the store.
  2. Click to land on product page containing discounts from the Sale Notifier.
  3. Able to copy the coupon code from the Sale Notifier and make use of it in the shopping cart.
  4. Gets a discount coupon when stays for “X” seconds on a particular category page or a product page.


Merchant Benefits:

  1. Notify Customers on “sale”?products available in the store.
  2. Notify Customers on Catalog discounts set in the store.
  3. Notify Customers on Cart based discounts applied in the store.
  4. Create Coupon codes specifically for visitors who spends “X” seconds on a particular page. This coupon code can be set for a product or for a category as a whole.
  5. Auto Notifies discounts for a specific user group based on login session. This way coupons set for a specific user group will be appearing for that user group.


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