Woocommerce Top Buyers

Woocommerce Top Buyers – finds the top buying customers from your Woocommerce store.

Product Description

Merchant Benefits:

  1. Find the top buying customers from your store.
  2. Top Buyers widget in the dashboard will display top 5 buyers from your store.
  3. Widget includes a filter that allows you to set a number ?X?? and based on this number the plugin will return top ?X?? buying customers.
  4. You can also filter top buying customers in 2 different ways a. Based on total amount spent on the store till date and b. Based on total no. of. orders being placed until the date.
  5. See All button will allow you to list all customers in the store based on the total amount spent or based on the total no. of orders being placed.
  6. Pie Chart is made available to have quick overview on top buying customers.


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